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8 ways that Honey benefits our health

Most people would have heard of one or two health benefits that comes from eating honey. But not everyone would be aware of all the amazing properties of this golden liquid. The following ideas are taken from Yuki Mizutani’s book “The Power of Honey”.

First and foremost, it is important to understand that honey acts like nature’s very own natural preservative. Its ability to protect as an antiseptic and keep bacteria away is no doubt its most unique and powerful property. Here is a quick overview of 8 other ways in which Honey can benefit your health.

1)   Honey aids metabolism, by oxydising efficiently during digestion. It also has properties that helps manage cholesterol, tryglycerides and blood sugars in the body.

2)   Honey can help to maintain stomache health as it encourages good bacteria cultures which are important to digestion. It also helps with both constipation and diarrhea.

3)   Honey can ease issues that come with the onset of age, such as menopause, weight gain and decreasing bone density. Royal Jelly also has a positive effect on male sperm count.

4)   The antibacterial properties of honey make it wonderfully effective against scratches, burns and other injuries of the skin. It is also great against mouth ulcers and bad breath..

5)   Because honey contains lots of polyphenol it works to kill cancer cells and maintain a healthy immune system.

6)   Being so easy to digest, the different sugars in honey are transformed into energy more efficiently than many other foods, making it a good source of energy and valuable when trying to overcome fatigue.

7)   Thanks to the ever present polyphenol, honey supports smooth and healthy blood flow. It can be beneficial to those with heart disease or irregular pulse rates. Circulation is improved also and for this reason honey is good for stiffness or for those who are sensitive to the cold.

8)   The amino acids, vitamins and minerals in honey are all good anti-aging agents. It is a wonderful emulsifier as well, and does wonders when applied to the skin where it can permeate deeply and preserve skin health.